Mineral wool Knauf Omnifit Slab 35 50mm (1200x600)

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Loft wool Isover SUPER-MATA PLUS 150mm, Dziemiany, Poland

We would like to thank Karol from Dziemiany for his trust and for sharing photos of his successful implementation. It's great to see how our products, in this case Isover Super-Mata Plus glass wool with a thickness of 100mm and 150mm and a very low lambda of 0.032W/mK, are helping to create comfortable and energy-efficient homes. Karol's photos, perfectly demonstrate an insulation solution that will provide you with optimal thermal and acoustic conditions.


The thermal conductivity coefficient lambda λD is 0.032 W/mK and the density of this wool is 26 kg/m³. Glass wool boards for thermal, acoustic and fire insulation of buildings. Available thicknesses in mm: 50, 100, 150, 160

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Mineral wool for thermal insulation and insulation in usable and non-usable attics and lofts: above the rafters, between the rafters, under the rafters as well as suspended ceilings and knee walls (so-called dry construction).

Mineral wool for insulation and insulation of walls from the inside, construction of partition walls, pre-walls, partition walls and industrial pre-walls.

Mineral wool for insulation and insulation of: floors on a grid, industrial ceilings, ventilated flat roofs, floors on joists on a wooden or steel structure, suspended ceilings, external and internal walls of frame houses and wooden houses

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