Mineral wool Knauf Omnifit Slab 35 50mm (1200x600)

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About us ( is the largest distributor of mineral wool and other insulation materials in Europe. We have online stores throughout the European Union, the United Kingdom, and Ukraine. We are part of the international group Insulation Platform. As part of the project, we are developing a comprehensive e-commerce network for wool distribution in over 20 countries, where each of our stores is operated in the local language

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We take pride in having our own wool brand, Coverock, which ensures high-quality products. We understand that combining excellent quality with competitive prices is crucial, which is why we have signed contracts with the largest manufacturers. As a result, we can offer our customers the lowest prices on the market and direct delivery to your investment.

We have created the largest online store for mineral wool in Europe.
In our online store you will find all the products available on the market from all manufacturers.

With our online store you can find complete informations on each product with technical sheets and current prices.

We offer the lowest prices on the market for individual clients and businesses.

  • We are a factory distributor of all mineral wool factories in Poland

  • Buying from a factory distributor will save your money

  • We deliver wool to every country in Europe

    We deliver wool to every country in Europe

  • We offer over 300 products for insulation

  • We constantly cooperate with 18 manufacturers of wool and polystyrene foam

  • Thanks to a comparison engine you can find a better/cheaper substitute

    Thanks to a comparison engine you can find a better/cheaper substitute

Other categories

Mineral wool slopes and wedges for a flat roof

We also deal with solutions for flat roofs: slopes and shapers, wedges and isoclines, and mineral wool trapezoidal blocks. Mineral wool slopes are designed to form slopes in the thermal insulation layer, not in the structural layer (sloped steel structure or reinforced concrete floor with screed poured with a slope), necessary for rainwater drainage. We are able to make roof pitches from entrusted material as well as from our own material. We will adapt shape and size to your needs.

The cost of cutting m³ of slopes depends on the complexity of the roof structure. Natural properties provide durability for the most inconvenient weather conditions, good insulation and non-flammability.

Each slope panel system is designed individually.
For more information, please contact our consultant.

Acoustic screens and noise barriers

One of the assumptions of Insulation Platform’s activity is its long experience in the acoustic screens market. We are the exclusive distributor of PANACOR system metal acoustic screens in Poland and in the markets of Central and Eastern Europe. We assemble (assemble) the panels in our factory in Poland and then deliver them to customers. It is also possible to deliver unassembled panels to those customers who can prefabricate them themselves in a simple way – such a solution is particularly reasonable when the destination is distant and the transportation of unassembled panels (metal sheets, sides and wool separately) gives great savings on transportation. – mineral wool comparison website

Platforma Izolacji has become a partner and co-developer of the first mineral wool comparison engine in Poland, thanks to which you can check the parameters of all products available on the market. It works on the basis of an advanced algorithm, which independently verifies prices, availability and technical parameters and gives you the most favorable offers.
Mineral wool, which one to choose? Which is the best? Go to and browse the ranking of the best mineral wools.


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